WHAT A GIRL REALLY WANTS – An open letter to all the men in the world !!

So, you know for certain that she is the one for you. She has walked alongside, holding your hand through the thick and the thin. She battled all the storms, stayed up nights worried sick about you, she made your world turn around in a million ways you never imagined it would. You know you just can’t imagine your life without her if she goes away. You also know she will go through the pains of leaving her world behind just to be with you. She will make babies for you and raise them.
You also know she will be taking care of the A to Z of the wedding preparation when you marry, you know she will; painstakingly going over every minor details of choosing the decor, the food menu, the photographers, the videography team, the clothes, the jewellery, the wedding venue. She will do it all, loves to take the responsibility on her shoulders. You know why? Because she has waited for this day all her life, probably has the minutest details of the wedding day playing in her head for an eon.
She understands you will have cold feet at the last moment, she knows you might not be of much help in choosing the right colours of the decor or your wedding outfits for that matter. She gets that, she pulls along, all the way, nevertheless.
But do you know that the girl you are about to get married to, the one who is your better half for the rest of your life, as to what does she really want, what does she ask for and what does she deserve? Do you know what REALLY makes a girl happy?
She just wants love, some spontaneity and an effort from your end that assures her that you love her just as much, even though you might not have made it very obvious in the past.
Here is a compilation of some of our favourite videos of what the grooms have done for their brides to be. Get ready for some goosebumps and a dollop of mush !! We absolutely love love love these couples from the bottom of our hearts !!
P.S : Make sure she has her nails done before you plan any of this out for her  !!




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