Mansi and Viral
  • Mansi and Viral

Soulmate Weddings came to me as a gift from my husband at our wedding. The team of Shalini and Geet were on board to document some key elements of our wedding; mine and my husband’s first day together as man and wife — our post-wedding shoot. The shoot with them was a pleasant experience. But everyone says that about every photographer.

What really impressed me was the duo’s attitude and professionalism, as well as their err for detail. They told us they’d deliver the photos by a particular day, and they absolutely did. Furthermore, their work is very beautiful — and they treat each frame as an artist treats his canvas, with passion and pride.

That, I believe, sets them apart from everyone else.

  • Ritika and Pradip

O ThodaDaarooVichPyaar Mila De – O ThodaDaarooVichPyaar Mila De NasheDiye Band Botle- NasheDiye Band Botle………..

Absolutely, that’s how it started  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met her (my soulmate Ritika) for the first time at Shalini’s place for a small daaru party and the rest became my future.A licensed pilot and now a photographer – Sounds crazy right! Yeah that’s what Shals is! A crazy girl with crazy ideas and the courage to go for her dream. When she clicks, she clicks images and not just pictures. When you look at these images they tell you a story. She will make you do crazy things sometimes but those would be your best shots. I have known Shals for the past 4 years and she is a sweetheart .

We’ve shot with her on many occasions most of the times for fun however every shoot has been a memory. The best part about getting shot by Shals and Luke is that they let you be! So you won’t feel as if you have come for a photo shoot, it’s like an outing where you get to spend time with you beloved and after few days you get to see some awesome images forming a lifelong memory for you. They shoot so beautifully that these images tell others a fairy tale. Few of my friends have come and asked me “Which movie poster is this?” “Is that really you?” and I am like Yup!!!!!!!!! I am famous you see 😉

Luke is super creative with his ideas flowing in between the shoots. The image which they shot with our love bands on a hip flask was an amazing idea coz, refer the song above. That pic says it all.Bottom line these two are a lethal combination of creativity with emotions. So if you got to capture any occasion and make it a lifelong memory, I recommend Soulmate weddings, always 🙂

I am sure when Ritika and I will look back at these images few years down the line, they are gonna bring back a loads of memory and emotions : )

  • Tabinda

Thank U !! Its a small word but I mean it.. My sister Zahbi always wanted something so beautiful that would stay as a memory forever with her.. I could not have given a better gift than this!! This photo shoot will always stay special to all of us.. my entire family including d distant relatives have given regards to my “dhaaein” friend (Shalini) n “cute” friend (Gitesh) :). I have seen hardly 3 or 4 pics but those were enough to make my eyes glitter with happiness n wet with memories!! May u guys be succesful in creating such beautiful memories for many more couples and their families!!
Wishing Soulmate Weddings a great future.!!

  • Shweta

Can I please write an essay here? You get nervous when you know that a photographer is clicking you continuously. But you wont be nervous if your friends were clicking you with all those fun talks, liveliness and laughter. Specially when they work with so much ease and energy. And you too get involved when they come up with creative ideas and you together make it the best shot. That’s how you feel when you are working with Shalini and Gitesh. Moreover, capturing the right moments artfully is very important for candid photographers, and Soulmate team has mastered that art because they understand the value of each of that moment. Also their post-production is their another strength. So one plus there too.P.S. Shalini, I can never forget that last-minute struggle you did for darkening my mehendi color. Now when I think about that I laugh but your help is really appreciated girl. That shows how you get connected to the bride personally. You are a lovely person:)
I wish I could marry Gaurav every year and could have hundreds of pics of our candid moments together by Soulmate team, because I just cant have enough of them. Long before my marriage was fixed, I used to get mesmerized by the dreamy photos on their facebook page. So when it was my turn to decide, without any confusion I went straight up to ‘Soulmate Weddings’. Their work on their page was enough to give me the confidence that no one else can capture my story better. And they weaved my story too just like a fairy-tale. Thanks a ton ‘Soulmate Weddings Team’. Every pic I see today leaves me thanking my decision some hundred times.

Natasha and Sidhartha
  • Natasha

Soulmate Weddings made my wedding absolutely memorable . Those candids that capture your every emotion are be cherished for life. professionally clicked pictures and emotional connections made for life, how often does that happen now!?…

Ah!.. I love you guys…you made it so easy for me … it was like you were never there but well, you knew exactly where you had to be… the pictures speak for themselves… I’m happy that I chose you to capture the most important memories of my life…

Bindi & Sid
  • Bindi and Sid

Every time we look at the wedding pictures, it simply recreates the magic… yup, every time! It was like reliving those amazing moments. The best part being, we never felt the presence of an artist who was capturing some of our best moments without making us feel conscious about it!

It is totally unfair to ask a wedding photographer about who’s their favorite couple… but Shalini, you by far have been and will be OUR FAVORITE photographer! We feel like getting married again and again just so that we see you seize those special moments which we never really thought could be captured.