Shweta & Gaurav

Can I please write an essay here? You get nervous when you know that a photographer is clicking you continuously. But you wont be nervous if your friends were clicking you with all those fun talks, liveliness and laughter. Specially when they work with so much ease and energy. And you too get involved when they come up with creative ideas and you together make it the best shot. That’s how you feel when you are working with Team Soulmate. Moreover, capturing the right moments artfully is very important for candid photographers, and Soulmate team has mastered that art because they understand the value of each of that moment. Also their post-production is their another strength. So one plus there too. P.S. Soulmate, I can never forget that last-minute struggle you did for darkening my mehendi color. Now when I think about that I laugh but your help is really appreciated. That shows how you get connected to the bride personally. You are such lovely people 🙂
I wish I could marry Gaurav every year and could have hundreds of pics of our candid moments together by Soulmate team, because I just cant have enough of them. Long before my marriage was fixed, I used to get mesmerized by the dreamy photos on their facebook page. So when it was my turn to decide, without any confusion I went straight up to ‘Soulmate Weddings’. Their work on their page was enough to give me the confidence that no one else can capture my story better. And they weaved my story too just like a fairy-tale. Thanks a ton ‘Soulmate Weddings Team’. Every pic I see today leaves me thanking my decision some hundred times.