Ritika And Pradip


Absolutely, that’s how it started  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met her (my soulmate Ritika) for the first time at my friend’s place for a small daaru party and the rest became my future.

A crazy team with crazy ideas. Yeah that’s what team Soulmate is! and the courage to go for their dreams. When they click, they click photographs and not just ‘pics’. When you look at those photographs, they tell you a story. They will make you do crazy things sometimes but those would be your best shots. I have known them for the past 12 years and what crazy artists they are !!

We’ve shot with them on many occasions, most of the times for fun however every shoot has been a memory. The best part about getting shot by them is that they let you be! So you won’t feel as if you have come for a photo shoot, it’s like an outing where you get to spend time with you beloved and after few days you get to see some awesome images forming a lifelong memory for you. They shoot so beautifully that these images tell others a fairy tale. Few of my friends have come and asked me “Which movie poster is this?” “Is that really you?” and I am like Yup!!!!!!!!! I am famous you see 😉

They are super creative with their ideas flowing in between the shots. The image which they shot with our love bands on a hip flask was an amazing idea coz, refer to how I met Rita first. They knew what’s important to our story. That photograph says it all. Bottom line they are a lethal combination of creativity with emotions. So if you got to capture any occasion and make it a lifelong memory, I recommend Soulmate weddings, always, always !! 🙂

I am sure when Ritika and I will look back at these photographs few years down the line, they are gonna bring back loads of memories and emotions : )