The first thing that will strike you about ‘Geet’ is that he is a spitting image of Johnny Depp. The name Luke CG almost goes hand in hand with Johnny Depp with people who have known him for sometime now. For me though, he is quite different from all of that; a simpleton at heart and a mountain boy. He belongs to the beautiful mountains of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh and comes across as a real quiet, shy guy who doesn’t talk much in the beginning, but once you get to know him and get in the comfort zone with him, it is practically impossible to get him to keep quiet. And that is solely because he is a powerhouse of ideas that keep running through his mind 24/7. The most beautiful thing about him is his kindness and the enthusiasm with which he loves to share those ideas with everyone. He is the mastermind behind most of the creativity and concepts that we come up with during the shoots and his knowledge about the technical aspects of photography is vast. So it will be safe to say that while I handle the moments and emotions during the photography, he backs me up with his immense knowledge of the finer, more detailed aspects of photography. We compliment each other beautifully and smoothly this way, hence working together is playtime for us literally. He is super talented when it comes to designing Photo albums and shoulders the entire responsibility of getting them sorted, arranged and printed from our friends at the photo labs. Our couples have loved and cherished his designs and artwork. Luke is so down to earth that it is practically impossible for people who approach him for help to believe that he would be so generous. all in all a complete sweetheart and you will instantly fall in love with his ideas and shy smiles.