• Capt . Shalini Rao

Shalini is an ever encouraging energy booster, keeps everyone on their toes and the morale of people around up. The beautiful smile on her face is what attracts everyone. She is transparent with no filters, what’s on the inside is what you get on the outside; pure at heart and flows like water. She loves the very idea of Paris and the Eiffel tower, loves to express herself with her writing. A giving person at heart. If you offer 10% of what you have, she will give you a 100% of what she does. Her style and approach with respect to photography is simple, bold and classic. Her greatest talents lie in her ability to gel with people like they are her own and she gets nerve-wrecked brides and grooms to relax in front of her camera in just split seconds. She believes in real emotions, real stories and has a knack of finding out the real person hiding inside you once you are in front of her camera. She puts all her energy into finding the inner beauty of people and brings out laughter and tears that people thought they never were never capable of expressing as she is a staunch believer that the beauty of a person lies not on what’s outside but what’s hidden somewhere deep inside, in the souls of people. She says, “Meaningful is beautiful. Subtle is powerful. You look great just as you are. messy hair, morning faces, bug tooth bunny smiles or with just raw emotions of love,hate, joy, and pain”. Photography for her is about capturing the right moments, the ‘in between moments’ between two posed shots and that is what she says that people cherish way beyond the posed, conventional pictures. It’s just a picture that will be forgotten if people can’t remember a moment, a story of theirs behind it. She can be as goofy during wedding as she is charming. Fun overload to cut a long story short !
We love our job. ! Period.
Soulmate weddings  is all about spiritual connections between two souls who unite in holy matrimony as messengers of a higher power. We believe in this divine intervention and simply like to be witnesses to this union. Not everyone who falls in love gets to tie the knot, not everyone who gives their all get to spend the rest of their lives together as lovers, as companions and above all as best friends for life. Those who do, are the ones who beat the odds, fight social and circumstantial battles to make it happen. These are those people who find a way to stay in each other’s lives no matter what and pledge to protect each other come what may. We like to preserve the memories for such people who deserve all the love, care and pampering they deserve coming from the photographers who are given the responsibility to nurture the greatest moment of their entire lifetime. We understand completely well that this day won’t come back in your life again and hence leave no stone upturned to make your pictures the most memorable piece of your wedding, to last a lifetime. Something you can cherish for a long long time, moments you can share with your children and grand children years and years ahead of you,passing them on from one generation to another. The images we click at your wedding are as precious to us as they are to you because we are artists and our work speaks volumes about who we are and it reflects upon us.Letting you down in any way is not an option for us. We are not offering you wedding photography, we are offering you an experience. We do not intend to have a business relation with you. We want to come to your wedding as photographers and leave being a part of your extended family.